Buying the Right Electronic Message Display / Electronic Message Center

After decades of supporting data being closely reviewed, there’s simply no doubt that on-site electronic message displays rank at the top of the list for both the best and most cost effective options for driving clients to your business. The Small Business Association supports this statement fully and you can review the full report for yourself. (Document is in PDF format.)

Now that you’ve decided to invest in an EMD / EMC in order to boost sales and profits, it’s critical that you determine what display will best meet your needs. There are several factors that need to be taken in to consideration prior to diving in to your purchase:

– Budget
– Location
– How you’ll utilize the EMD / EMC
– Permitting / Zoning restrictions
– Product support

Budget – Electronic Message Centers are available in all types of sizes and colors. Moreover, some are made for indoor use and others for outdoor use. It’s nearly impossible to assist you with defining your budget, you can expect to spend anywhere from $250.00 for a small indoor display to several millions of dollars for a large “stadium-type” LED display that you see at major sporting venues. The odds are that your budget will fall somewhere in-between these extremes.

Before establishing a budget, consider looking in to what you are spending on other forms of marketing and advertising as a new EMC / EMD should be looked at as both a tangible property and advertising improvement from a budgetary perspective. Therefore, reducing budgets on certain other property improvements and/or forms of advertising (print, radio, television, direct mail, etc.) is both a good idea and it helps to make your new purchase more affordable. In many cases, a 10% reduction in non-essential property improvements and previously budgeted advertising and marketing dollars, combined with minimal 15% in increased sales driven by your message center, will allow you to have covered the entire investment in just 18-24 months.

In the end, the additional factors listed below will also play a role in your final budget.

Location – Obviously, LED displays are most effective in high traffic areas when placed in a location with extended visibility to passers-by. The more potential customers that see your sign the lower the Cost per Impression (CPI) and the better Return on Investment (ROI) you’ll receive. In essence, the more people that see your EMD / EMC messages the better the chance you have of someone entering your facility and spending money at your business.

The placement of your sign will vary based upon local codes, your tenant space and whether or not there’s an option to have the display installed in a freestanding location as opposed to being installed on your exterior building fascia. Moreover, the height and orientation of the display should be based upon additional factors like vehicular traffic speed, etc. Your local sign professional should meet with you, on-site, early on in the process to look at these factors, discuss your concerns and finalize the best location for your new profit center.

How you’ll utilize the EMD / EMC – Full-color and Red/Green/Blue (RGB) message centers provide users with the most impactful messaging and content options. However, when getting away from a monochrome (single-color) message display, the buyer should be prepared and willing to spend the time designing messages and content that will utilize the display to its full capabilities. There’s no sense in spending significant additional money on either of these color options if alpha-numeric messages (with little or no use of graphics, animations or video) are what you’ll want to use and/or is what you are willing to spend the time programming in to your display. That said, if you want to use the display at a cutting-edge level and you or your staff is willing to invest the time involved with programming the display to make that happen, then taking advantage of the color options typically results in better ROI.

Permitting and Zoning Restrictions – Check with your local Zoning and Building Departments to learn what restrictions they have in regard to type, size, location, color and usage of Electronic Message Displays. Each municipality has its own restrictions, many times based upon the zoning of the property where your business is location, and those restrictions can range from EMCs simply not being allowed, to restrictions on what color LED may be utilized and even how frequently you can change your messages. Knowing these limitations ahead of time will help you to save both time and money.

Product Support – While there are exceptions to the rule, generally you will be best served by dealing with a reputable local sign company with the ability to prove they have successfully functioning LED displays within your local area. This local sign company will typically understand how to properly install your new display, how to wire it from both a power and communication standpoint and how to help you load the messaging software. In most cases your local sign company will have a very basic knowledge of the software and how to design content. Don’t expect a great deal of help with programming on a local level as most companies are going to refer you to the manufacturer for software and programming support. However, having a local company to deal with in case of a hardware issue or product failure is a big advantage. That local company’s reputation relies on “word of mouth” within the local community and that means they are more likely to stand behind the EMD/ EMC they sell you in a better manner than a company based hundreds or thousands of miles away.

For more information, if you have questions, please contact the experienced sign professionals at Kendal Signs for an evaluation for your signage needs, and to determine which type of electronic message center would benefit your business.

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A Wise Investment: Refurbishing Your Channel Letter Sign

As a business owner, did you know that refreshing the appearance of your storefront channel letter sign may prove to be cost efficient in the long run? As a current business owner with signage, specifically channel letters, you may notice that your sign, over the years, begins to fade, or you may have concerns on energy costs with its existing internal neon illumination.

The most expensive aspect of a channel letter sign is the initial permitting, fabrication and installation. Protect this investment by simply changing out the trimcap faces and updating their internal illumination with LED. Consider the energy efficiency of LED illumination: LEDs, on average, consume 1/3 less energy than neon illumination.  They also have a longer life expectancy of neon, and are easier and less costly to replace and repair compared to neon.

Recently, Kendal Signs partnered with a national sign company to refresh the existing channel letter sign at Uncle Bob’s located in Melbourne, FL. Kendal Signs fabricated and installed new trimcap faces, repainted the raceway, and installed LED illumination. The sign looks like it’s brand new and just installed. (Click on the image below for a larger view.)

List of benefits of utilizing LED illumination in channel letter signs:

  • Less service/reduced maintenance costs
  • For new channel letter signs, there is less shop labor: LED’s are less time consuming to install compared to neon components.  Field installation of LED-illuminated channel letters signs is faster due to fewer wall penetrations and less labor to wire.
  • Longer manufacturer warranties
  • Less insurance risk (reduced fire hazard)

Kendal Signs will do our best to preserve your original investment on your sign.  Contact us today for a quote tailored to your budget and needs.

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Kendal Signs: Franchise Sign Specialist

Brand identity and signage are two significant keys to the success of any franchise. Proper utilization of consistent, well-designed products lead to increased traffic, which in turn increases brand, product and identity and profits.

Kendal Signs has  increased company capabilities in a direction specifically designed to assist small to mid-sized franchises with most or all of their signage, graphics, large format digital printing, awning and canopy needs. Our capabilities are similar to those of our nation’s largest sign companies. In fact, our products and services are offered on a local, regional and national basis, just as national sign companies do. However, Kendal Signs operates on a smaller scale. This allows us to produce the highest quality products and to provide superb customer service. This is something that companies with hundreds of national sign accounts just cannot offer.

Additionally, Kendal Signs is pleased to provide sign service, repair and maintenance for our clients. We are truly are “One Sign Company” offering “Multiple Sign Solutions”.

Whether you have a current signage provider or are in the early stages of establishing a relationship with one, we’d like to encourage you to find out more about why Kendal Signs may be your best choice.  Download our one-page flyer that highlights recent projects completed with our franchise clients.

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Kendal Signs: We Make the Sign-Buying Process Easy

The sign-buying experience can prove challenging for both small and large businesses alike. Since opening our doors in 1996, Kendal Signs has provided, from concept to completion, services such as design, manufacture, install and service for nearly every type of illuminated and non-illuminated sign or display. Why choose Kendal Signs?

  1. Quality Products & Services
  2. Industry-Leading Warranty
  3. Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida
  4. Customer-Oriented Approach
  5. Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  6. Green Manufacturing
  7. Value Engineering

Be sure to download a copy of our latest brochure that outlines not only the reasons listed above, but also provides customer testimonials on their positive experiences with Kendal Signs.  At Kendal Signs, we make the sign-buying process easy!

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Keeping Your Signs Maintained is Critical to Your Success

Let’s face it, for most businesses their outdoor signs are not only their most effective form of advertising but also the most cost effective. The signage installed on the exterior of your business targets the customers most likely to spend money at your business because they are within sight of your business each time they view your sign. A steady imprint of your sign to those who pass by frequently will help potential customers to remember where you are and what you do when the need for the products and services you offer arise.

Maintaining your sign is critical to the image your business portrays to potential clients. Dirty, partially-illuminated signs will tend to make potential customers wonder about the quality of the product or service the company associated with that sign offers. This is especially the case for restaurants, hotels and motels, grocery stores, beauty salons and other businesses where image has a lot to with whether or not someone decides to spend money at your establishment, or potentially go to your competitor.

Costs involved with hiring a company to clean your sign annually and to keep it maintained are generally minimal. Plus, if you keep your sign clean and properly serviced you’ll find you’ll have fewer, and less expensive service calls. When you factor in that a clean, fully operational sign will drive more customers through your doors, it just makes good business sense to take care of your signs.

Service and maintenance is generally handled in one of two ways: First there’s the standard service call that comes on an “as needed” basis. When you, the business owner/manager look up and notice that your sign is dirty or is having maintenance issues, you pick up the phone and call your local sign company to come out and make things right.

The second option is to have a service and maintenance agreement with a sign company. This type of agreement is generally set up with the business owner making a smaller monthly payment and the sign company will clean the sign (once or twice per year typically) and maintain/service the internal components as needed. With a service and maintenance agreement, it’s not unusual for the sign company to want to charge to make all internal components (lamps, sockets, ballasts, transformers) new, and to charge for that initial service, before starting a contract. When this is the case, a 2-year agreement is better for the business owner and generally the monthly maintenance/service agreement charge is far lower, for obvious reasons. That said, knowing you can call your sign company any time there’s an issue, without having to shell out anything more than your monthly contract payment, will generally make you more willing to keep that sign in tip-top condition.

Kendal Signs offers both “as needed” and contract service and maintenance to businesses throughout Brevard, Indian River, Orange and Osceola counties. We are happy to speak with you in order to find which solution makes the most since for you and your company. 

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Kendal Signs: Your Re-Branding Partner

Kendal Signs recently partnered with a national sign company to re-brand eight Gerber Collision & Glass locations in the Tampa Bay Area.  This included not only re-furbishing and re-facing the existing signs at each location, but also servicing the signs to ensure full illumination.

Kendal Signs teams with larger national sign companies who seek a reliable partner to assist re-branding projects throughout the State of Florida.  We can assist with surveys, permitting, removal, and installation. From code checks, dimensional surveys and permitting to turnkey trouble-free installations, our team has the knowledge and equipment to effectively complete your re-branding project.

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LED Message Center Retrofits

By retro-fitting LED Message Centers, or Electronic Message Centers into your existing freestanding pylon or monument sign, you add increased functionality. An electronic message center reaches out and grabs the attention of drive-by customers. An electronic message center can easily be seen by thousands of passersby, earning you a return on your investment more quickly than other sign mediums.  They also have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely.

At Kendal Signs, we have the experience and product knowledge necessary to bring this technology to your business. With the ability to create custom advertisements, and to promote a last-minute sale, as well as products and services at a moment’s notice, electronic message centers allow real-time, flexible communication with both existing and potential customers.

You can view a gallery of our recently completed LED Retrofits on our website, as well as new signs with LED Message Centers.

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